Happy New Year!

5th Jan 2016

Its 2016 and this is the year for amazing sleep for you and your family.

I have just returned from a two week trip to the United Kingdom to visit family for the Christmas period. The only thing that stood in our way was a 2 hour flight to Dallas, and then an 8 hour flight to London.

This blog post holds some personal tips and tricks that I used to help our 18 month old son adjust to traveling and of course a time change of 6 hours.

When we arrived in London it was early morning, so it was his natural time for sleep. which for us was a good thing as he slept most of the way on the plane and the 2 hour drive to my parents house. The two weeks that followed were a whirlwind of sleep issues for our son. However, he did amazing and he did better than we ever thought he would. We put this down to him being sleep trained from 6 months old. He is able to take his sleep skills wherever we travel for the holidays. Yes, he had some rough nights, and you would too if you have a different bed and room to sleep in.

My advice for traveling this far is to not over schedule your day with trying to see family and friends. We generally got people to come to us as this was easier than packing a cranky toddler in a car. Some people say I am very over protective about my child’s sleep. This is because I know how important his sleep is to his learning and his growth.

Try to keep the same day-to-day schedule you would as if you were in your own home. So if he normally took a nap at noon, then he would nap at noon. It took a few days for his body to adjust time zones, and for him to settle. It will not make a huge difference if one day he takes a nap in his stroller or car seat in order for you to be able to do what you need to do, but don’t make a habit of this. For nighttime, we kept his routine the same as we normally would. Bath, PJ’s, teeth, book and bed.┬áThe important thing here is to keep night wakings the same. No bringing him into our bed just because we are in a different place, and worried about others in the house or what the neighbors would think if a baby were crying early hours of the morning. We made sure that when he woke during the night that we went to him and gave him a little more reassurance than we normally would do in our own home. But, he was to stay in his room until 6.30am. If he had a rough night then he would most likely take an early nap.


But, most of all have fun on your vacation. After all, you may only get one a year so enjoy it. If you are a little off the rails for a couple of days with night wakings and tough naps then that is fine. Once you are all home and in your own environment, it won’t take long for things to get back to normal. We had a few rough nights with more wakings than normal and he would wake up earlier than normal for about 4 days but then he just got back to his routine himself as he knew he was in his own surroundings with his toys etc.


I wish you a happy and healthy 2016. Most of all a 2016 with plenty of rest for you all.