How to transition from cot to bed.

30th Mar 2016

Once you have your child sleeping through the night, your soon going to be faced with moving your toddler to a big girl or boy bed at some stage.

Below are some tips that are going to make this transition easy for you and your child. It’s a big step for any parent when they decide its time to make the change. If, like me, you dread this day because you fear this will make your child wake during the night more, then here is where you need to be.

Tip 1: Get your child involved – With this I mean let them go to the store with you to pick out their own bed sheet’s, pillow cases etc. This is going to help you a lot because you are helping them create their own perfect sleeping environment. A place they want to go and lay down.

Tip 2: Talk about it – Meaning before you make this change talk to your child about the changes that are going to happen, I would say at least a week in advance. Tell them everyday that on this day we are going to be sleeping in a new “Big Boy Bed”. This help’s remind them that this change is coming and helps better prepare them for when this day arrives.

Tip 3: Explain the rules – When the new bed comes into play, there are going to have to be some changes in the ‘rules’ when it comes to night time. Be sure to keep consistent with night wakings and return them to their own bed. Reward them for good behavior and make sure there are also consequences for bad behavior.

Tip 4: Most Important – Play a little. Spend some time during the day around the bed or even in the bed. Be careful not to turn it into playtime (we want to avoid playing in the bed). Sit on the bed together and read books or do coloring. Something relaxing. You can even practice getting into bed and laying under the covers with them.

When the transition day comes, you will want to be there in the room with them, just so they can see that everything is ok and you are there to support them. Gradually move yourself away night by night reassuring them as you go. REMEMBER – any wake ups during the night and it’s back to bed.


STAY CONSISTENT and you will make this transition an easy one.


Sleep Well….