Trash Bags??!!

10th Aug 2016

When I am writing and reviewing a sleep plan with new clients and trash bags on windows come up, sometimes people think I’m crazy.

But, this is one of my 5 top tips to help a child to sleep through the night and limit those early morning wake up’s. Darkness can work in your favor!! Any light that gets through the window is going to send your baby or child a mixed message, even more so when it comes to nap time and summer mornings. The more light you can keep out of the room where they sleep the better and easier it’s going to make your nap and night time.

By using black trash bags and some tape around the edges of the windows this creates the perfect sleeping environment for your child.

Use this along with some other sleep tips in my previous blogs to help you and your family get a better night sleep. You can invest in expensive blackout blinds, but if you are on a budget or need a quick fix then this is the right thing for you. In the summer months and even the winter, make sure your child is getting enough time in the light. Spending time outside will help set their internal clocks and help them distinguish the day from the night.

Routine is still important so keep this in mind when you are getting ready for naps and bedtime. Keep the lights low and a nice calming bath with a story before going to sleep at night, is going to naturally increase the melatonin in the body helping the brain get ready for sleep.

Hope this helps and sleep well.