How long has it been?

12th Oct 2016

I know I haven’t posted a blog for a while. My family and I have had a lot of new things we have had to deal with.
I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with our second son and this pregnancy so far has not been an easy one. At 18 weeks we found out our son had a serious heart condition and we are very lucky that he has made it this far. In order to give him the best care possible we decided to move our whole family to Nashville, TN in order to have open-heart surgery to help him lead a normal life. This surgery can be anywhere from 2 days of life to 6 months, so we no idea when he will need his operation.
So, it has been very tough to find the time with the extra appointments and moving house to write a blog.
With this in mind, I hope this blog will make up for me not posting for so long.

Last blog was about trash bags on windows, and since then a few new clients have taken up this strange habit and found themselves that it has helped their children fall asleep easier and quicker because the room is darker than normal. This helps more so at naptime and for the bedtime in the summer months.
This time I want to take some time to talk about sound machines and light projection toys in the bedroom.
Sound machines are great in my opinion, even more so when travelling and going on vacation as they can help drown out those unfamiliar noises that your child wouldn’t normally be used to in your own home. Noise such as other families staying together, being close to a main street with heavy traffic or even if you have gone on vacation and staying in a hotel. I cannot say how much a good sound machine will help. My recommendation, if you do not already own one, is the Marpac Dohm. I use one for my own son and we love it. The company has just released a new product specific for on the go travel also. This maybe something you wish to check out –
Now, light projection on the other hand is a different matter. These I tend to recommend my clients get rid of. They are in fact a distraction to your child. If your child wakes during the night and see’s these pretty blue and red fish swimming around on the ceiling, its going to send their brains from sleep mode, into awake and play mode.
This is going to make it very hard for them to be able to get back to sleep after waking from a sleep cycle and go into the next. This is when they start to get fussy and cry because they have this distraction. The darker and less distraction in the room the better and easier it will be for your child to get back to sleep quicker without your assistance.

I have seen a lot of posts on social media groups about families who are having sleep troubles. A lot of comments to this are “it’s just something you have to go through” or “it’s a right of passage momma”. This is not the case; you do not have to go through months with endless sleepless nights and hours of crying. I feel that the way I help families is gentle and on their terms. Yes, crying is involved, crying comes as standard to infants and children because it’s one of the ways they communicate. I can help you limit this crying as much as possible.

I hope you have found this blog post both helpful and informative. If you wish to have a free 15-minute sleep evaluation then call me now (850) 889-0917.