12+ Months

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Here is what you get with the 12 month and up package:

  • A 60 minute phone call from me.
  • You will get four 30 minute follow up calls.
  • You will get 3 weeks of email support.


With the 12 month + package, here are some “add ons” that can be available to you.

One 15 minute follow up call – $25.00

An extra week of unlimited follow up emails – $99.00

Here is what’s included in the 12 month and up package:

  • I will send to you a questionnaire about your toddlers sleep habits and daily routine, and this will be emailed back to me. Having this information prior to our phone call helps us have more time to discuss other things.
  • In our 60 minute phone call, we will discuss sleep stratagies for your toddler, discuss possible problems that may occur and how to address bedtime, night wakings and naptime.
  • After our talk I will email you your customize a sleep plan specific to your child at the end of our conversation. We will also talk about when to start the program and book your 1st follow up call.
  • Our 1st of the 4 follow up calls will follow the night you choose to start your sleep training. Then, we will schedule the other 4 calls during the first week of the program. These calls do not normally last 30 minutes, but I set aside 30 minutes in order to talk about any setbacks you may have had or be having and to answer any general questions you may have.
  • You will have my email address for three weeks of unlimited email support starting the day you implement your sleep training. I will respond to the emails within 24 hours M-F.

Working with me your child will learn:

  • How to fall asleep and stay asleep on her own, without the need for you to rock her to sleep or pop the pacifier back in.
  • How to find ways to self soothe.
  • How to take longer more restful naps in the crib.


An additional fee will be applied if you live outside of the local area.

If you have twins or triplets I do offer a discounted price for the families of multiples.