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Packages I offer….

The newborn package is available to expectant parents as well as parents the latest blog addition with a newborn. The benefit to buying this package before your baby arrives is that you can have a solid foundation with sleep from the get go.

The 4-11 month package comes with a little more support from myself, as this is the age where babies can protest a little more than normal. Again, the sooner you start the program, the quicker you see results and the easier the transition will be.

The 12+ month package, again, comes with more support from myself as toddlers can be a little difficult with regards to the changes we make in the daily routine. But, I assure you that the protesting does not last very long and you will soon see how much they really love going to bed and understanding why sleep is important.


For more information on each package and what they entail, please my link click on the drop-down menu on packages and select which applies to your child’s age.

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Lucy Allen
Sleep Consultant