Success Stories

Thank you very much. You have been so encouraging and helpful! Your encouragement and positive words are what really helped me through this! You are very knowledgable and reassuring so I knew what we were doing was the right thing. Thank you! – Jen, Annapolis, MD


Our 12 month old had always been a terrible sleeper, and after a particularly bad spell over a 3 week period of our daughter being up 2-3 times a night, needing to be held, fed, rocked to sleep, we had about reached our breaking point. While exhaustion on our part was a big factor, we were really concerned that our LO wasn’t getting enough sleep to grow and develop in a healthy manner.   We gave it a lot of thought, and decided that we really needed a professional to step in and give us an objective opinion on how to help our daughter get the sleep she needs. Lucy came recommended through a “mommy support group” I was a member on through Facebook. Lucy was available one particularly desperate night to listen to our concerns. She then helped to develop a sleep training plan for Charlotte (although perhaps it is more appropriate to say she developed a sleep plan for us). The first night was a bit rough, but we were surprised to see that our LO did better and better every night. On the 4th night she slept through the night, and we haven’t looked back. She has consistently slept through the night since then and it has been about 3 weeks. I am starting to feel human again and my LO is more energetic and her personality is really starting to shine now that she isn’t tired and cranky so much! Thanks Lucy!

~ Christina and Jason (Pittsburgh, PA)


My husband and I were chatting this morning about how much our lives have improved now that he’s sleeping! Nights aren’t stressful putting him to bed. He’s actually ready and wants to go to sleep at bedtime. He seems to crave this routine and will tell us what happens next. Nick and I are much more rested. It’s great to be back to being me again!

– Jane (Florida)