My Product Recommendations.

This is a page that I have dedicated to the products I recommend to my client’s in order to help their children sleep at night.

These products listed below are all amazing, and some have helped me personally with helping my own son get more quality sleep. I have written a small section about each product to give you an idea on why I recommend them.

Young Living essential oils are by far the best quality oils I have come across and I trust their ‘seed to seal’ philosophy. This means Young Living knows and watches each step of the oil extraction process to give you the purity that be be trusted to use for your entire family. I can help you create your own specific blends for your family and I can help start you off on your essential oil adventure!!



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This is the Dohm sound machine by Marpac. This sound machine is the official sound conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation. This machine allows you to set the perfect white noise to help keep those outside noises to a minimum while baby is sleeping. Use this along with one of my packages and it will help your child to sleep through the night. Visit – for more information. For an exclusive discount code please email – (Note – This discount code is valid on only).

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This is the amazing Zipadee-zip created by Brett and Stephanie Parker. You may have seen them featured on Shark Tank with this amazing product. This is an enclosed sleep sack and helps your baby transition from a swaddle. I have personally used this product on my own baby and he loves sleeping in his Zippy. They have now created a Flying Squirrel PJ that is the same concept but for toddlers. To view all of their great products visit –


This is the Lovie Sack by Bitta Kidda. This is an enclosed sack but it has a Lovie attached to it so your baby will never lose sight of his Lovie while sleeping. This sleep sack is easy to use and comfortable for baby. For amazing offers and to look for the right Lovie for your baby visit – (Note – 25% commission rate will go to Dreaming Babies for all purchases made under this link). Please contact me at for an exclusive coupon code. (Valid only on