How essential oils can help your sleep.

21st Mar 2017

When I first got into using essential oils I wanted to be sure that the brand I chose was the best in quality I could find. In doing research I found that a lot of stores that sold ‘essential oils’, […]

How long has it been?

12th Oct 2016

I know I haven’t posted a blog for a while. My family and I have had a lot of new things we have had to deal with. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with our second son and this pregnancy […]

Trash Bags??!!

10th Aug 2016

When I am writing and reviewing a sleep plan with new clients and trash bags on windows come up, sometimes people think I’m crazy. But, this is one of my 5 top tips to help a child to sleep through […]

Vacation…. Sleep friend or Foe?

23rd May 2016

Last week I had my family come over from England, so we decided we would have a week vacation down on Pensacola beach here in Florida. Beautiful house, beautiful beach, what could be wrong I hear you say? Sleep can […]

Hands up if this sounds familiar…

5th May 2016

Your fussy baby finally falls asleep for her afternoon nap and you sit down for a much-needed moment to yourself only to hear a car with a broken muffler roaring down the street. Just like that, Sleeping Beauty is wide-awake […]

How to transition from cot to bed.

30th Mar 2016

Once you have your child sleeping through the night, your soon going to be faced with moving your toddler to a big girl or boy bed at some stage. Below are some tips that are going to make this transition […]

Pacifier Use

1st Mar 2016

A lot of parents who use pacifiers feel a twinge of guilt the first time they stick a pacifier in their baby’s mouth. However, dealing with a screaming infant in the grocery line or on a long car trip will […]

Sleep or Breastfeed?

12th Feb 2016

We have all heard the saying that being a mother or a parent means you now have to suffer with loss of sleep because you now have a newborn baby. Or that if you want to breast-feed this is also […]

Happy New Year!

5th Jan 2016

Its 2016 and this is the year for amazing sleep for you and your family. I have just returned from a two week trip to the United Kingdom to visit family for the Christmas period. The only thing that stood […]

How to help with a 6 hour time change.

20th Dec 2015

At this time of year, everyone is traveling somewhere for the Christmas and New Year period. This year we travelled to the United Kingdom for a 2 week break with my family. For us, this is a time difference of […]

How do I break night bottle feeding?

10th Dec 2015

My 11-month-old goes to bed with a bottle and wakes for a bottle in the night. How do I break her of this habit? It’s a good question. When you put your baby in bed at night, it’s fine to […]

Will cereal in my baby’s bottle help him sleep better?

28th Nov 2015

I hear that all the time. I know it’s an old wives tale. Your grandmother probably told you, Oh, put cereal in the breast milk or the formula, and this baby will sleep all night. This is far from the […]